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Lunch Room

Golson's breakfast and lunch menus.

Red Ribbon Week

This is the National Family Partnership website where you will find information about Red Ribbon Week and suggestions of things that you can do as a family in an effort to keep your child drug free.

If you're a PDEA you must check out this site

What is a PDEA it is a Parental Drug Enforcement Agent.  "The target audience for Lock Your Meds™ is 20-80-year-old adults, with the primary focus on keeping prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals away from drug abusers. Many adults may be unwitting suppliers and by making adults aware of the problem we can curb the abuse by others." from the National Family Partnership website Lock Your Meds™  . I think that the in formation on this site is important to everyone...PLEASE SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

BOOK IT - National Reading Incentive Program

Book It is a reading incentive program that our class will participate in from October until March. I will send home a new goal sheet each month. Read the directions listed on the Book It record sheet that outline what you need to do during the month to help your child reach their reading goal. When your child has reached the goal for the month return the reading record goal sheet to school and I will issue them a Reading Award Certificate that they can take to Pizza Hut for their very own free one topping Personal Pan Pizza. They can earn up to 6 free pizzas this school year just by helping them meet their monthly reading goal. Your child must be present to receive their pizza because the Pizza Hut staff wants to praise them for their reading accomplishments.  On their first visit your child will receive a BOOK IT! backpack tag/bookmark.


Star Fall

FREE!  This is an excellet site that helps students learn their letters, sounds and sight words.

Language Arts and Math
This is a great site where the children can play games that help reinforce all the skills that they are working on mastering in Kindergarten.

Labels For Education
Labels for Education

F. M. Golson is raising funds by collecting Labels for Eduction.  Please go to this site and sign's not just about Campbell's Soup labels anymore.  I was really suprised at the number of items that I purchase every week that are now participating products.  Their are even participating stores where anyone interested in helping F.M. Golson (like out of town relatives) can sign up, select F.M. Golson as their school of choice, register their favorites stores shopping cards and then shop using their stores card to earn points for the items that they buy and the points will go directly into Golson's point tally.  Then when they take the items they have purchased home they can clip the UPC and send these to school for additional points on the same items..earning Golson double points.


Box Tops 4 Education
Box Tops 4 Education
Please go to the Box Tops 4 Education website and sign up to help Golson.  Then share this information with your friends and family.  This is a great program that helps raise funds for our school without anyone having to go out and sale anything.  It is also an excellent way to include friends and family in other states who want to help "Golson Kids" and their classrooms.