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PE Guidelines and Discipline Plan  



Physical Education Guidelines &


Discipline Plan




1. Students are required to follow the CES expectations and the


    Playground Rules.


 2. Please dress comfortably, upholding the CES dress code.


 3. You must wear tennis shoes in order to participate


     in P.E.


*Shoes such as, flip flops, sandals, boots, cleats, Sperrys, Crocs,


   dress shoes etc., are not permitted!!


*If you are not wearing the proper footwear, you will lose 20pts for




 4. If at any time you need to be excused from participating in P.E.


     or cannot go outside, please bring a note from your


   parent/guardian. A parent note is good for three days. After that, a


   doctor’s note must be sent. If you have a doctor’s note, you may not


   participate in P.E. until that doctor releases you. A new note must be


   written by the doctor with the date of release for you to participate.




 5. Personal toys, balls, or equipment may not be brought to class.


 Grading System


 The grading scale used for P.E. is as follows; S=70-100, N=60-69, and U=below 60.Your child’s grade will be based on their participation. Each student begins the week with a score of 100. For every day they do not participate, 20pts will be deducted from that score.


 Behavior Intervention System


 The following intervention system will be implemented to help with inappropriate behaviors that do not support our school expectations & playground rules. If an inappropriate behavior occurs the following will take place:




1st A verbal Warning

 2nd Placed in time out


3rd “Parent Alert” note sent home


4th Office Referral


Playground Rules  






   Playground Rules  


Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself:


·        No pushing, slapping, punching, kicking, spinning one another 

     around allowed.

·        Games such as, Wrestling, Cops, and Tagging are not permitted.

·        Do not throw things such as sticks, pinecones, sand, or rocks.


Show respect to yourself, others and equipment at all times:


·        Be kind and polite to one another.

·        Do not speak when others are speaking.

·        Raise your hand if you have a question or statement to make.

·        Listen silently when others talk!

·        Do not twist the chains to make the swings higher.


Be Safe:


·        Do not climb sit or stand on top of the monkey bars.

·        DO NOT RUN UP THE SLIDES!!!!!

·        Don’t push one another in the swings or run in front of, behind, or in 

     between the swings when someone is swinging.

·        No running on the hardcourt.

·        Do not sit, stand, or swing up-side-down on the bars (they are for pull

     ups only).

·        Do not climb the fences for any reason.

·        Stay within the playground area at all times unless instructed