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Michelle Williams Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Language Arts, Math, Reading, Science


1979     Marianna High School - High School Diploma

1984     Jacksonville State University - B.S. Degree with Honors - Early Childhood/Elementary Education

             Jacksonville State University - B.A. Degree with Honors - Drama with and English Minor

2007     ESOL Endorsement 


1982-1984           Hired during summer breaks of 1982, 1983 and 1984 as a teacher at "Children's World" daycare center in

Pensacola, Florida where I taught children between the ages of birth and six years old. 

1984-1987           Employed as lead teacher and manager of "Bright Start Learning Center" daycare in Marianna, Florida where

I taught children between the ages of two and six years old.   

1987                   Employed by the Jackson County School Board to teach Drama and Remediation at Cottondale High School

teaching students in grades sixth through twelth.                   

1987 to Present    Employed by the Jackson County School Board to teach Kindergarten at F.M. Golson Elementary School.     


In June of 1984 we moved the tassels, tossed the caps, packed up the Volkswagen "Bug" and came home to Marianna. With the plastic laminate on our "wallet sized" diploma's still warm, Darryl, my high school sweetheart, and myself went out in search of employment. Darryl, holding a B.S. degree in Corrections and Law Enforcement quickly secured a job at ACI and I was blessed enough to gain employment with the newly opening "Bright Start Learning Center" preschool. So feeling the money burn a hole in his pocket Darryl bought the carrots, bent the knee and popped the question... of course, I said "yes" and on October 20, 1984, six years and a day after our first date, we became Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Williams.  We worked hard and played hard and prayed for God to grow our family.  On June 7th of 1988 God, in his perfect timing, answered our prayers giving us Brit, our hardworking, wise, handsome son who has always blessed us.  As Brit grew we worked harder and played harder and prayed that God would continue to grow our family.  Three years later on July 23rd of 1991 God again answered our prayers giving us Ashton, our fearless, talented, beautiful daughter who has also always blessed us.  As we watched our children grow we worked even harder, played even harder and prayed even harder for God to grow our family.  On June 9, 2012 I witnessed as God once again blessed our family with a creative, intelligent, disciplined daughter named Chelsea who lovingly exchanged with Brit the most precious wedding vows in which they professed their love for each other and God...and in confessing their love for each other Brit and Chelsea entered into a marriage covanent with one another and were united in "oneness" by God.  Today I still work hard and play hard and pray hard that God will grow my family always remembering to thank God for blessing me with: the job I love, the most thoughtful, innovative, supportive peer teachers that I am so blessed to call friends, my awesome selfless parents and the best husband and children in the world.